10 things I've learned about podcasting after the first 10 days

  1. There are quite a number of technical things to set up before recording a podcast. I think I've ironed out a lot of them out now. (Who knew you had to actually tell Skype and Audacity to use the microphone and playback through the headphones instead of just using the ones on your laptop?)
  2. Even though I'm an INTJ and the thought of talking to stacks of people that I don't know can be the stuff that nightmares are made of, I've actually really enjoyed every interview I've done. I think it is because they are conversations with purpose and there is a context for the conversations.
  3. Editing an interview takes about three times as long as the episode itself. I'm getting faster, but it is a slow process.
  4. Coffee helps. Mmmm coffee.
  5. I've been so surprised that everyone who has replied to my request for an interview has said yes - there has only been one no. That is amazing!
  6. I'm sure that listening to other podcasts is like doing podcast homework. Try Sorta Awesome and S-Town if you're looking for two shows to try.
  7. My dog likes to be involved in the process. She likes to jump up onto my lap during the interviews and scratch at the door. I have learnt how to move through our lounge room like a ninja without making a sound to get a cup of coffee without waking the dog before my early morning interviews.
  8. Scheduling upcoming episodes seems to take much more time than I thought that it would. (Speaking of which, if you are doing the 100 Day Project and would like to do an interview, please click here to get in touch! Or if you said that you would do an interview, but haven't made a time yet, consider this your reminder!)
  9. According to science, there's a reason why we all hate the sound of own voice.
  10. It is so fun playing along with this project on Instagram. The 100 Day Project community is so incredibly encouraging! 
Sally Harris