Good reasons why you shouldn't sponsor this podcast

5. You think podcasts are inexpensive to make. (Ha. I used to think that too. I was so young and foolish 35 days ago.)

4. Your ears prefer listening to things that cost you nothing. (Unlikely, but possible.)

3. You spent all of your money on coffee. (Actually, that is a legit problem.)

2. You don't want to support creatives making stuff. (Pfft!)

1. You don't want an audience of creatives to hear about your creative work/business/shop/empire/world domination attempts because surely they wouldn't be interested.

If you disagree with any of these reasons though, then you are in luck because there are two cheap and cheerful ways to support the show.

And - interesting fact alert β€”one survey of 300,000 podcast listeners found that 63% bought something a host had promoted on a show. That's crazy good news for your business.


  • There will only be one sponsorship spot per podcast episode, featuring one creative business.
  • Advertising spots cost $10 USD each. You may purchase a maximum of 5 spots.
  • Links to your business will also be included in the show notes for the relevant episodes.


And if you don't want to fork out a tenner to sponsor an episode, why not chip in and keep me in caffeine? Yep, you can keep enjoying the show for the cost of a cup of coffee. (I'd suggest you contribute what a latte would cost in your local area because, quite frankly, for the cost of skinny cappuccino in Melbourne, it would almost be cheap to just sponsor an episode! Really truly.<insert rolling eye emoji here> It's a stupidly expensive city.)

For more info, go here now.