Is it bad to be riddled with doubt when it is only Day 3?

There is something exciting about making a 'To do' list when you've just had a new idea for a project. Even the most mundane task seems like "Wow! I get to do that cool thing."   It's new, fresh, shiny and exciting. I'm a serious list maker and once I've had an idea, I love getting out a notepad and jotting down everything that comes to mind. Ideas ping around my brain and at this point, I can get into a state of flow with minimum effort. I'm in the zone and a tiny idea (print a greeting card) can quickly snowball (create a range of greeting cards) and get out of control (world domination).

Whilst it is ok to dream big, it can also be the killer of ideas. For example, this is what happened to me last night:

Job that needs to be done:  Make a decision on name for your new podcast.
Me: (In the first 2 minutes) Wow, I get to do that cool thing. That's so exciting and easy. And fun. So fun. 

Me: (2 cups of coffee later) There are just so many possibilities. With so many great options, this is going to be easy.

Me: (4 hours later) There are too many possibilities. What about X? What about Y? And I haven't even thought about Z! How had I not considered Z?

Me: (As I'm trying to go to sleep) X! Y! Z! Oh hang on. What about A? A! X! Y! Z! (Repeat, all night long)

Me: (Now having not slept at all) This is not a good idea. What was I thinking? A podcast is a terrible idea. I give up.

Things quickly go from the sublime to the ridiculous and I have had so many ideas that have been decimated in this fashion. Too many.  

Today is one of those days where dreams are being crushed. I'm feeling a sense of overwhelm when it comes to starting this podcast and getting it off the ground. There are so many things to do and probably not enough time for me to do them. I'm pretty sure the idea stinks. I can't commit to a name. The only place my dog will stop pawing at me is if she is sitting on my actual lap at all times. There are guests to line up, graphics to be made and I'm procrastinating by writing this instead. 

But, what I've learnt about the overwhelm is that you can definitely overcome it. Deep breaths and coffee are one solution. A quick walk and a pep talk are another (with the added side bonus of getting the dog off your lap too!) Telling yourself just to push on is another. I was listening to "The Bestseller Experiment" podcast this morning and their words of advice were to, in summary, go for something bigger than what you might think is possible and that you will most likely be surprised.  I like that option, so that is what I'm choosing today. Nobody ever achieved anything great by quitting on Day 3.

Sally Harris