Lauren is an American artist and creative entrepreneur living in the United Arab Emirates. Lauren is an Adventurer, Crafter and Storyteller. She blogs at, hosts the podcast How She Creates and co-leads a creative army at Get Messy Art Journal.

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Alyssa is passionate about living a creative life. She’s a designer by day working in the digital space and, outside of work, she is an artist pursuing a variety of creative endeavours. Memory keeping, designing fabric, quilting, and drawing are just a few of the ways she expresses my creativity.

You can check out all of Alysssa’s creative projects at:

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Anna is a wife, mother of three and emergency department nurse living and working in the midwestern United States. Her latest creative interests include watercolor painting, bullet journaling, and knitting. Find her sharing some of her work at:



Leanne is a story teller, hopeless romantic, dream believer, lover of light and warmth, list maker and creative adventurer. She uses all these passions in her photography so she can help others tell their stories of love, and hopefully spread a little joy along the way.

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Brooklyn is a self taught painter, mother, and wife. Her work is created to be a catalyst of inspiration for all people to find their inner “wild”. She’s a firm believer that everyone is a creative deep down. She paints large scale canvases that feature painterly portraits of wild animals. Every piece is designed to reach that cerebral animal instinct in us to feel wild + creative.  

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