Episode 57: Hope Brasfield of Hope Broidery

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Hope recommends you check out @dandelyne for all of your embroidery inspiration, tips and tricks. It's a beautiful Instagram account!

Sally is considering signing up for the Brooklyn Art Library Sketchbook Project when she has some more time! It is such a cool project and I'm sure there are plenty of art journalers out there who would love being involved in this project.

Some of the other Instagram accounts that we chat about include:

* @nerdsandneedles (Redd, Canadian friend whose husband facetimed her to look at Joann's in the states)

* @theinkyhand (Sarah, hand lettering subscription box) 

* @mariainstitches (Maria, my "Instagram BFF") 

* @badasscrossstitch (Shannon, craftivist) 

If you're interested in setting up your own subscription boxes, try checking out Crate Joy - they come highly recommended by Hope.

Sally Harris