Episode 58: Zoe Powell of Zoe Prose and The Mama Book

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Sally is completely beside herself about her new painting by local artist Kirsten Jackson. Isn't her work just amazing? New goal for the year: learn how to abstract paint!

Zoe has always loved Pinterest, but lately she is enjoying the collections feature of Instagram. If you haven't tried it, here is a link to their tutorial to get you started.

If you have an Etsy shop, you might benefit from joining this Facebook Group Etsy Mastermind with Morgan Nield. It is a great place for feedback and discussing the logistics of running a successful Etsy shop with other shop owners.

If you're having trouble quitting social media, try signing out every time. It is such a pain to have to sign back in every time!

Zoe's advice for creatives: Don't let comparison be the thief of joy. Listen to your gut. Stay in your lane.

You can see more of Zoe's watercolour work at http://zoeprose.com/ and learn more about The Mama Book at http://themamabook.com and on Instagram @zoeprose and @themamabook

Sally Harris