Episode 53: Alison Girling of The Wild Hare Kits


Alison recommends that you listen to NPR's 'How I Built This' with Guy Raz. (Since chatting with Alison, I've listened to the episodes with Blake Mycoskie of TOM's Shoes and Sadie Lincoln of Barre3 to get a feel for the show and it was fantastic. You should definitely get onto listening to this show!)  I'd love to know - how much of your success has come from luck and how much has come from skill?

Sally's soapbox choice this episode is signing up to do Ali Edward's December Daily. For some reason for this year, she has thrown caution to the wind and has signed up to complete the project. High five to Ali Edwards and her team for the way that they market and promote this project online. They have created an amazing community around this project and there is a lot to learn from the way this community has been constructed for those of you running your own creative business.

Alison's advice:

You can learn more about The Wild Hare Kits by visiting Alison in Instagram @thewildharekits and on her website www.thewildharekits.com

Don't forget to use the code CREATIVES to get 10% off your order from The Wild Hare Kits.

Big love, as always, to bensound.com for our amazing theme music.

Sally Harris