Episode 54: Joanna Bradshaw of Honey Coast

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Joanna is loving @elisejoy on Instagram. Elise was on the show in Episode 50, so please make sure you go back and have a listen. It is one of my favourite episodes ever! If you need inspiration to get you working on your own projects and executing your creative ideas, Elise's Instagram feed will provide all of the inspiration you need.

Sally's soapbox choice this episode is all about beautiful packaging. She received a package from Write to Me this week which was lovely. For more packaging inspiration, check out Michelle Mackintosh's books: Care Packages and Snail Mail.

Joanna's advice: Spend time with yourself and be honest with yourself about what you enjoy doing creatively. Dive in. Don't wait for the perfect moment. Just take some kind of action.

Joanna's candles sound completely delicious. You can check them out for yourself at www.honeycoasthome.com and on Instagram @honeycoast

Don't forget to use the code PODCAST at honeycoasthome.com to get a discount on Joanna's delicious candles and melts!


Big love, as always, to bensound.com for our amazing theme music.

Sally Harris