BONUS EPISODE: Setting your focus, intentions & creative goals for 2018


It's that time of year again. For some people, it fills them with dread, others don't see the point, and some are brimming with anticipation and excitement. I'm one of the latter. I love the fresh start, the chance to reflect, the possibilities that lay ahead, as well as the chance to look back.  Over the past couple of weeks, I've been thinking a lot about my dreams, plans and goals for 2018.  Here are some of the things that I have enjoyed and found useful when thinking about my own plans for the year to come:

1. Choose a word for the year.
Choose a word for the year that will be your focus and that you will explore in different ways throughout the year. I always find that my word sort of just comes to me and that it can't be forced. This is a big picture way of choosing a focus or intention. You can take a class on this with Ali Edwards, but you can also just choose one to keep in the back of your mind throughout the year. Mine have been: Radiance (2014), Quality (2015), Experience (2016), Give (2017) and for 2018, I've chosen Care.  You can hear Elise and Ali in conversation about this on Elise's Podcast - Elise Gets Crafty Episode 138.

2. List 18 for 2018
You might have heard of writing a list of '101 things for 1001 days', but perhaps selecting '18 for 2018' might seem a little bit more achievable. This is an option for those of you who like to have tangible goals that you can check off. I've started putting together this list, but it is tricky because they need to be achievable, tick box things. For example, make another wall weaving or create an online course. I think putting things like 'market my new book' are too big for this kind of goal setting and might end in disappointment. Gretchen and Elizabeth talk about this idea on the Happier with Gretchen Rubin podcast in Episode 149. (Bonus points if you work out your 'Tendency' beforehand so that you can set yourself up for success before you even get started!)

3. Make 2018 your Biggest Year Ever
Have a listen to Andy J Pizza give his final Creative Pep Talk for the year about setting one big goal for 2018 and how to then take smaller achieve it. I really like this idea and I have already thought about one big thing I'd like to achieve. The next step is to then break it down into small, achievable steps towards that goal. Andy says it best (with giant stuffed pikachus) so listen to Episode 163 of Creative Pep Talk.

4. Get 1% better every day
Go and watch this talk by James Clear. He explains the '1% Rule' so well and talks about Seinfeld's strategy of not breaking the chain. It will be 25 minutes well spent. Get onto it. His simply presented website contains amazing content about all sorts of topics too and it is a rabbit hole well worth falling down in the next few days.

5. Write your goals down
I'm a big believer in the power of handwriting. There is lots of research out there that talks about the neural pathways that are forged in your brain when you actually hand write things. (It doesn't have to be in amazing brush script either, just write it down.) Think about how amazing it will be to look back over your goals and see how far you've come! Write your goals down on paper. Display them or don't. It doesn't matter. Just write them down. Do it. Do it now. You'll be 42% more likely to achieve them if you do. 

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Sally Harris