Episode 10: Augusta of Felt Happens

I'm experimenting with a new time to launch each episode of the show this week. Does it work better for you? Would another time be better? Let me know in the comments below!

Ernst Wilder makes the brooch that Sally loves. It is the Bruiser Bow Wow Resin Brooch,

Augusta's original inspiration to start her shop came from the movie The Little Mermaid

Augusta's Instagram feed has really blown up since @bargraf shared her work. She makes gorgeous work herself! Totally check her out.

Augusta's advice: Really think carefully about what project you want to do and start when you are satisfied.

You can find Augusta on Instagram @felthappens

The first winner of one of our three hand lettered posters to giveaway is SCRAPINBABYGAL. Woohoo!

There are still two more to win. To go into the draw, simply rate and review 100 Creatives on iTunes - share your thoughts on the good, the bad or the ugly! We will be selecting some iTunes reviewers at random to receive prizes so don't miss out on your chance to win one of three exclusive hand lettered posters by the delightful @sarah_letters! Our next two winners will be announced in Episodes 11 and 12 so stay tuned.

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