Episode 09: Sarah of Little Empire Letterpress

Sally's soapbox choice is fine point Pilot Frixion Pens. (They don't seem to be available on Amazon, but how fun do these look?)

Sarah had a lot of good pen recommendations, including tombows like these (which are the foundation for the #96daysoftombow challenge which she is doing.)  @brittanyluiz and @renmadecalligraphy are also doing some lovely lettering work as part of this challenge.

Sarah got into lettering with courses with people like @lissletters (and there is a workbook available at lissletters.com) and @amandaarneill (and her course also looks great!)

And these lettering challenges look really fun!

Sarah's advice: Work with what you've got. Have a plan and write it down.

Don't forget to leave a review on iTunes to be entered into the draw to win one of Sarah's beautiful pieces made just for 100 Creatives! We have three to giveaway!

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