Episode 16: Jen Blanco

Jen absolutely killed it this episode with four amazing soapbox suggestions!

She's reading GirlBoss and loving the Netflix series.
You really have to take a look at Michelle Poler's @hellofears on Instagram, on Medium and on YouTube.
Tina Roth Eisenberg curates her design blog swissmiss.com beautifully. Go there - it's an amazing site!
Jen also recommends you watch Emma Rogan's Ted Talk about Inspiration Wherever You Are - The 100 Days Project. Here it is for you!

Sally shared her love for her Artline 300 Liquid Crayons. Ten years old and still going strong. Are they textas? Are they watercolours? Are they crayons? Who knows! What they are is awesome!

Jen's advice: Do something you really like. Don't freak out if you don't get a chance to work on your project every day. Make things that make you happy. Create an idea with integrity.

You can find out more about Jenifer and her #100goldenmoments with her personal Instagram and her project Instagram @100goldenmoments. Or on her website - www.jenblanco.com


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Sally Harris