Episode 15: Hannah Mowrey

Sally never thought she would be into enamel pins but there are some super cute ones out there. Katie Abey is a new favourite in this department. Taco cat is taco cat backwards, c'mon!

Hannah is loving following @predictivefeelings and @stupidlittlesquares on Instagram.

Hannah has been taking a class where she had to think about 'A brand called me' which is something all creatives should consider really.  I think she has done such a good job with branding her project - it's clear, it's unique and you know exactly what you are going to get.

She starts of her designs in her moleskine notebook and then makes them digital. I'm absolutely in love with her idea for her 100 day project.

Hannah's advice: Choose something that means a lot to you and that others can relate to.

You can follow Hannah saying no all over Instagram - she's @notivationalnotes

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