Episode 17: Nathalie Leonelli

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Sally suggests that you have some fun and take a moment playing with The Colour Oracle.

Nathalie is loving the Zakka Embroidery book, by Yumiko Higuchi.

Some other amazing embroidery artists to check out are Sarah K Benning and Zelia Smith.

Nathalie gets her 6 x 12 Project Life Inspiration from Kelly Purkey (love her work!) and Marta Andilla

If you like scrapbooking, you might enjoy going back and listening to Episode 01 with Kellie, Episode 07 with Jess and Episode 12 with Ariana.  (And apologies to Jess because I couldn't remember her episode number at the time of recording so I didn't mention her episode on the show!)

Nathalie's project from last year is under the hashtag #100PLcards bynathalie.

Nathalie's advice: Celebrate the progress. Don't beat yourself up if you miss a day. Set a timer and go for it.


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