Episode 18: Nadja Sarell

Finnish illustrator Nadja has several current obsessions - Nina Simone (she recommends trying out the track 'Feeling Good'), Photoshop, Lego and Fabriano watercolour paper are amongst a few of them. She has also enjoyed the Make Art That Sells e-course and Make It In Design.

Sally recommends her Fiskars faves - her rotary cutter and her scissors are both great quality and have stayed sharp! Winner! (And who knew that they are also from Finland!)

The Suomenlinna Sea Fortress comes up in our conversation. Nadja illustrates the poster, brochure and other printed materials for the Children's Adventure Tour. It's a tour that takes children across the island, with historical characters from the island (played by actors).

Nadja's advice: Play. Start with something small. Don't focus on the end product. Have fun! Play music and do a little dance to get yourself energised to create.

You can find Nadja's work at nadjasarell.com, on Facebook and on Instagram.com @nadjasarell

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