Episode 22: Michele Hebrank

Sally is really loving her Martha Stewart glue pen. She always thought a glue stick was good enough for her scrapbooking projects, but after trying out a glue pen, she was converted.

Michele is loving Snapseed, A Color Story and Mixtures apps. Sally also thought she should try VSCO too.

Chatbooks are an easy, fun and inexpensive way to turn your 100 Day Project into a coffee table book. (The Oh Joy! ones are Sally's favourites, so she kind of wishes she'd chosen a project that could be printed at the end now!)

1 second a day app is such a quick and easy way to capture memories over time and it makes really cool videos that really do show time passing, even if it is just one second a day.

You can find Michele on Instagram - she's @rowndmup

Michele's advice: Don't be too hard on yourself. If your piece doesn't match your vision, that's ok. Practise is a big part of the learning curve. Practise helps you to grow as an artist.

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Sally Harris