Episode 29: Frida Hammar

Sally recommends that you choose a theme song (or playlist) to play while working on your project. Pick something that will get you in the mood and remind you of the project when you hear it later. (When she was training for the marathon, she loved listening to Touch the Sky from the movie Brave.)

Frida had a few soapbox choices to share:

Makeartthatsells.com with Lilla Rogers and friends

- Caroline Leaf, animator (with sand) from Canada

You can find Frida at www.fridahammar.com and on Instagram she is @frida_hammar

Frida's advice: Listen to your inner voice. Try to finish it, even though it is hard. You'll learn more and game more through the experience of having finished it.

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Thank you as always to bensound.com for providing our theme music, 'Buddy'.

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