Episode 40: Michelle Poler of Hello Fears

Michelle Poler is a speaker, YouTuber and fear facer. (I'm currently obsessed with her channel - check it out - which she uses to share her 100 days without fear, her letters to her younger self and many other amazing videos.)

Sally is excited about being involved in the Skillshare VIP Class where she is getting help, feedback and rewards (yes, there are prizes!) to make her first Skillshare Class.

Michelle is excited to be working with her agent to put together a book proposal and to be able to share what she has learned in a book about her journey.

It was super interesting to hear how Michelle got started with her fears work. She considered: What would be your perfect life ten years from now? And what is one obstacle that could crush your dreams? Her 100 day project this year is called 'Courage is ...'

Michelle's advice is: Explore. Give yourself time to play. Find things that you like an imitate them. Imitate new styles and make them your own.

You can find Michelle on Instagram @hellofears, on YouTube, Facebook and on her website.