Episode 43: Molly Merriman

Architect Molly joins the show from Canada today. Her soapbox pick is the Other People podcast. 

She also loves the Instagram feed of Jonathan Rotzstain

Sally just loved watching Anne with an E on Netflix. At first she wasn't sure about a 'new Anne', but the series is very well done and is more inspired by the books that sticking too closely too them. It was nice to see more of the backstory of the characters too. And she has been weaving more whilst watching. Not yet up to the standard of @_jujujust_ but one can dream.

Earthships come up in our conversation, as does Sketches, the app that Molly uses to create her pieces.

Molly's advice: Start easy. Start with the materials that you have. Figure out what you like. 

You can check out the rest of Molly's work on Instagram @bordseedbordseed

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