Episode 48: Jules Cusworth

Jules was excited to find so much amazing street art on her recent trip to Barcelona.

Sally suggested that you try doing something repetitive and mundane to give your brain time to mull over problems you have been trying to solve. She also suggested that you try new adventures (and her secret surprise date night to an Escape Room was a big hit! So, so fun!)

This is Jules' THIRD YEAR completing the 100 Day Project. How amazing is that? (Learning this inevitably took the podcast off on a side conversation about Gretchen Rubin's Four Tendencies quiz - What is your type? How does that impact you trying to complete the project?)

Jules is completing 100 days of drawing for her project. (Don't you think she is really getting the hang of people?)

Jules' advice: Keep doing it. That's how you get better. Give yourself an allocated slot of time. Think of it like a job.

You can find Jules on Instagram @jules_tea or on her blog julestea.blogspot.co.uk

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