Episode 59: Shelly Georgopulos of Shelly Sells Lemonade


Shelly's Creative Soapbox choice for this episode was the brass bezels from Nunn Design. They have lots of beautiful stuff, including some cool kits if you are looking to try making your own jewellery.


Sally is loving her A6 yellow MiGoals notebook - it is the perfect size for completing her '18 for 2018' and to get 'stuff' done. If you sign up to their newsletter, MiGoals will give you 10% off your order too.

On Side Hustle School, Chris Guillebeau did an Extended Cut on conducting an Annual Review. You can listen to it here, or read more about it on his blog.

Try Marmalead or an online course to improve your knowledge of SEO. This will help people to find your Etsy Shop. Also, try beginning with more listings. Apparently shops that have over 50 listings and regularly add new items do better than those that don't.

Shelly's advice: Invest in yourself. Allow yourself time to iron out the kinks in your online shop and to learn things like SEO. Remember - you may not have done this before and you can't expect to be an expert straight away.

You can find Shelly on Instagram @shelly_sells_lemonade or on her website shellysellslemonade.com

Sally Harris