Episode 60: Sharon L. Hadden of Social Savvy Consulting Group


Today's guest, the fabulous Sharon Hadden, runs Social Savvy Consulting Group. You can check out some of her amazing resources on her website (including some great freebies!) Sharon is such a valuable resource for sharing your creative work and it was so amazing to get to chat with her.

Sharon recommends you check out The Conquer Kit from Natalie McNeil of She Takes on the World.

For her soapbox choice this episode, Sally shares that she is pretty smitten with her new letterboard. Letterfolk make gorgeous ones for those of you based in the US.

Sharon's Advice: Start from where you are. Connect with friends, family and customers. Trust the process. Soak up all the knowledge and resources. Join Facebook and LinkedIn groups to help you to build connections, share ideas and get the support you need.

You can find Sharon by visiting her website imsocialsavvy.com (where there is so much good information for creative business owners!) and on Instagram @socialsavvycg

Sally Harris