Episode 61: Dylan Mierzwinski of By Dylan M


Today's episode is a great chat with Dylan Mierzwinski! By Dylan M is a creative brand specializing in retro illustration, clean design, and teaching others how to hone and sharpen their creativity and technical skills (Dr. Phil meets Bob Ross meets a computer)

Dylan's Creative Soapbox choice is to try a consecutive day project, just like the 100 Day Project that inspired me to start this project. They are a great way of staying accountable (hello Obligers!), getting started with a creative project and to build a body of work. I agree with Dylan - projects like these are so invigorating and the importance of building a body of work and being consistent over time.

(Two ways Sally is loving building up her own projects and work are through her 18 for 2018 project - she is still loving it and her MiGoals notebook has been instrumental in seeing the progress - and her 365 Sentence A Day journal.)


Sally's Soapbox choice is these  fun glasses from Dresden Optics. They are a great example of identifying a problem and finding a way to contribute to a solution.

Dylan's advice: Be calm. Everything is related. You can start anywhere and move through it. It is all connected in the one realm. Just start with the one thread that you are most excited about and follow it. It will lead you through it.

You can learn more about Dylan's work on her blog (bydylanm.com), on Skillshare (https://www.skillshare.com/r/user/dmierzwinski), on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/bydylanm/), on YouTube, and check out her beautiful work in her Society 6 shop.

Sally Harris