Episode 74: How do you manage your supplies and workspace?


Sally and Alyssa talk all things supplies and their workspaces.

My desk has been amazingly tidy at various points throughout this month and it is has been piled high with the creative projects at other points. As I’ve been editing this episode, I’ve realised that it is currently in a piled high phase, so it is embarrassing to have to share a photo of it in this state. In this photo, you’ll be able to see that I’ve been working on family Christmas t-shirts and a Santa Sack for the baby. There are a lot of other little bits of pieces for various other projects. Plus some of that clutter that gets dumped there as we come in and out of the front door each day.

image 3.jpg

You might also be able to spot favourite, favourite notebooks.

Alyssa loves Zebra Mildliner pens.

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Sally Harris