Episode 63: Welcome to Season Three


Welcome to Season Three of 100 Creatives! I’m so glad you’re with us.

Notes from today’s episode:

  • We have new theme music. Isn’t it amazing? Thank you Carmilo! (I seriously can’t believe it took less than four days and just under $14 for me to get original theme music for the show. I should have done it ages ago!)

  • Our theme for this season is ‘Curiosity about Creativity’ which is really just an excuse for me to continue doing what I love doing best: being nosy and getting to ask creative folks loads and loads of questions!

  • There are going to be two mini episodes a week this season and we will be diving deep into different topics around creativity in each one.

  • While you’re waiting for Episode 64 to drop, why not learn more about about amazing co-hosts? And don’t forget to follow the show @100.creatives so you don’t miss a thing!

Sally Harris