Episode 51: Cindy Backstrom of rePapered Shop

repaperedshop_customizableTN (1).JPG

Hooray! Welcome to Season Two of 100 Creatives!

(Note: I haven't put together an episode since my last ones back in July and I discovered tonight, as I was editing this episode, that i am very, very rusty. Fingers crossed there are no glaring errors going on here! )

For her first Creative Soapbox choice this week, Sally is loving Collective Hub magazine which is a great resource for creative entrepreneurs.

Cindy was inspired to start her shop by Chris Guillebeau and his amazing podcast, Side Hustle School. She also loves the work about creativity done by Stanford academic Professor Tina Seelig.

Make sure you join us on Instagram to win one of Cindy's beautiful hardcover books to keep your travelers notebooks in. They are so beautiful and it is little wonder that they are flying off the shelves of her rePapered Etsy Shop - https://www.etsy.com/shop/repaperedshop

Be sure to follow her on Instagram @cinback and @repaperedshop and if you love scrapbooking and papercraft, head to seriousplay.typepad.com to see examples of her amazing scrapbooking work!

Thank you, as always, to bensound.com for our amazing theme music.

Sally Harris